26 Life Memories that made me who I am

Here they are. In no particular order, of importance or impact.

 26 Life memories. It’s a Wonderful life…so far.

And I’m sure after a few days, I’ll change this list. Here goes.

  1. Fishing in the Davis’ pond, Pittsburg, East Texas. Don’t remember the date. Nothing like pond fishing. Love it to this dayPhotograph Tom Sawyer II by Andrea Dell'Aquila on 500pxTom Sawyer II by Andrea Dell’Aquila on 500pX
  2. My first plane flight, from DFW to Chicago, our family moving from Tx to Europe. Gotta admit, the turbulence scared me. “What’s that pilot doing up there?” that’s the quote I’m reminded of. 1981
  3. My first lion. 2003. Nakuru Kenya. With Jeff Nelson.
  4. The first time I kissed my wife. On the bus back from a Thanksgiving retreat. 1995. Still love kissing her today.
  5. My first morning in Khartoum, Sudan. Dusty, red. Scared but excited.
  6. The first day of the Ocean International Community Church. 5 people. My wife, my son, Laurie K and Walker K. 5 people.
  7. Sitting under the wide open sky, watching shooting stars and seeing the Milky Way without light pollution. Northern Kenya, 1995.Photograph way to milky way by Mohammed  AM on 500px way to milky way by Mohammed AM on 500px
  8. 9th grade English class. Professional author as a teacher. First time I thought that maybe I could write.
  9. Holding my son Joshua for the first time. Dec 1, 2003. All eyes, and gummy smile. Tiny little human.
  10. Watching my wife deliver my daughter. The delivery was intense, we almost lost both of them.
  11. The birth of my son Riley. He was a c-section and didn’t come out breathing right away. Some pretty intense moments. Reims, France, 2008.
  12. The day Joshua was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy. I found a bathroom to crumple over in and cry. Joshua just asked me “What’s wrong daddy?” as he tried to comfort me. January 17, 2010.
  13. Driving home after my driving license test. Dad let me drive and we stopped and got an ice cream/shake from Tastee Freeze. 1991.
  14. Diving with sharks. First time diving, Port Sudan. Sharks came out of the dark and circled. 2002.
  15. Bungee jumping and whitewater rafting the Nile. Bungee was surprisingly fun. Got sucked under rafting, thought I would die.
  16. My banana seat bike when I was 5. At the little white house in Pittsburgh, TX. Hours and hours of fun. Days and weeks of fun.
  17. Mountain climbing and sledding in our backyard, Albertville France, 1982. The little shed that had a crystal clear mountain stream running through it. Magical moments in those hills.
  18. Dad and brother got chased by a Saint Bernard in the Alps.
  19. My first (and only) Muskee catch. Canada, 2005 with River of Life church. Denny Curran was there. Ordean Peterson too.
    Boundary Waters trip. Devon Davoux, Jeremy Montgomery. 2006. Its now a tradition. Photograph Canoeing at Sunrise by Jerry Monkman on 500px Canoeing at Sunrise by Jerry Monkman on 500px
  20. Meeting Devon Davoux, day 1, North Central. Been my best friend since.
  21. Making the call to Greg Beggs to tell him we had to leave the Sudan. Second hardest call I’ve had to make.
  22. Getting the CD with photoshop on it, Sept 2001. Nothing to do but wait, nothing to do but learn.
  23. Mom crying when grandma died.
  24. Helping baptize someone in the Nile river, 20 hours North of nowhere.
  25. Easter 2013 at the Ocean International Community Center.


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