3 parenting tips for families in transition.

3 Parenting tips for families in transition.


The Uhaul was full and we were off again. For the second time in 9 months, my little Porter family was on the road. Uprooting my kids. Findng new friends. Not sure about my day to day responsibilities. There was a lot going on underneath the receding hairline that is Charles Porter. Parenting wasn’t one of them.

My kids are good travelers. The myriad of digital devices we now have access to creates a much easier experience for the kids. But its still traumatic. Off we went, 600 miles to go. Though I’m not an expert, here are a few things I think help.

  1. Make your second morning a win! We drove all day the first day, through an ice storm. It was stressful. I was eager to get rid of the UHaul, get to where we were going. But the hotel had a pool. Day 2 saw me in the pool with my little ones, not in the evening when we arrived, I was simply too bushed. But rather, the next morning. When you are in transition, remember it takes everyone longer to get to sleep, and everyone sleeps poorly. Make your second morning a win for the kids. The kids will remember the fun of that day, if it starts with fun.
  2. Give them something to look forward to. For us, we were moving nearer grandparents and family. We didn’t talk much about the loss, but lots about the upside win. And those wins happened early. Grandma and Grandpa were visited right away, not after everything was set up. Was it convenient? No. Was it good for the kids? Absolutely. When you arrive at your new destination, reign in your excitement and angst to get settled and create some immediate fun experiences for your kids.
  3.  Keep rituals alive. We have some statements that we’ve taught our kids to say nightly before they drift off to sleep. “I’m strong, I’m brave, I trust Jesus. I’m beautiful (handsome), loving, grateful and obedient. I am loved by my father.” Even though it might be tempting to work on through and just throw the kids in bed,  take the time to go through your nightly rituals with your kids.

I’m sure there are many more and I’d love to hear your thoughts. What are suggestions you have for making transitions easier with kids?



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