40 Life Lessons before 40. #5 Avoid your costly urges.

Avoid your costly urges.

I gotta confession to make. I’m cheap. I don’t like to pay full price for anything. Ever. I drag my feet, I procrastinate.

And sometimes I get deals. But probably as many times as I get deals, I end up loosing money. Because with all the time spent, and emotional energy, and and and… well, just not worth it.

What costs you more in the end that its worth?  Trying to save that relationship where the other person isn’t ready to re-engage? Trying to solve that problem by yourself?

Are you a “I’ll do it myself” person? Really? Do you have a good history of successful handy-man projects? If not, you most likely won’t become one unless you have a history of self-discipline.

I know it’s tough. Most people my age and younger struggle financially to make ends meet. The car, the house, the kids. Spend the time, do your research, learn to use your own tools. But at the end of the day, pull the trigger and get-er-done. Use your energy somewhere else.




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