40 Life Lessons Before 40: Introduction

Forty days. It’s a spiritual number. If you are into numerology. Which I’m not. But sometimes, following a pattern is helpful. In 40 days I will turn 40 years old. I don’t know if this will be completed by then, but my intent is to be seriously reflective about some of the life lesson’s I’ve learned. Not because I’ve got it figured out mind you.
My dad turned 40 and I clearly remember it. He was much older than I am when he turned 40. More adult. More mature.
In the mirror, I don’t see 40 years under the sun. I’m just me. This journey for me is a deeply personal one, that’s I’m inviting you to go along with. There are lessons I’ve learned that I don’t want to have to relearn.

Please don’t be offended. Most of the lessons I’ve written down in the imperative form. Partially because indirection takes greater literary skill, but also because I wanted to be clear and concise.

The 40 lessons I believe apply regards of faith or conviction. However, you need to know up front that my faith informs and flows through everything I do. So if you run into one lesson you aren’t comfortable with, I’d invite you to continue the Journey the next day.

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Here we go…
T-Minus 40.






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