It doesn’t matter what “they” do. Lesson 1 of 40

It doesn’t matter what “they” do. Do what’s right because it’s right.

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At the beautifully mature age of 23, I declared “I do, for better or worse.” Unfortunately in my mind, the early days were more for “worse and a little better.” Of course, Tahnya and I were still detoxing from society’s infection with Disney “happily ever after” ideology.

Our first summer together, we worked at Camp Lurecrest in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I was suffering, having to be the boat driver and head male counselor. (sarcasm included). But my wife and I had one of our tiffs, and I remember walking the hills, complaining to God about the woman he had given me. Stop smiling. It was a painful moment. Stay with me.

In one of those moments where eternity spoke into my heart, I heard a voice, or a thought, or what I identified as the Voice of God, speaking to me.

“Charles, it doesn’t matter what she does. I told you to love her.”
But… then the justifications come in. “Yeah but, she…(insert justification). ” Yeah but they… (insert sob story). “Yeah but you don’t know what he did.” (always sounds funny saying that to God doesn’t it?”)
Love. Serve. Give. Sacrifice.

Because it’s right.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Whether they do it to you or not.

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