40 Life Lessons to Learn before you turn 40: #7 Jesus started at 30.

Give it time.

American culture particularly though does not understand time. We are a young nation, barely 400 years old. The evils of instant gratification and credit card culture are known to us all.  18 years old is considered the pinnacle of all things. Health, sexual vigor, good looks, hair still all there. Senior year of high school. After that, it’s all regrets right?

My first long-term stint overseas as an adult was in the Sudan. During the civil war. Where Arabic was the only language for many people. The first few days were overwhelming. How am I ever going to figure out how to do this? I can’t even ask where the toilets are, didn’t know how to navigate the convoluted roads, where to pay my bills, on and on the list went. Six months later, none of those things were even on my periscope of life’s challenges.

20 years after leaving High School, I still struggle with math. That means that balancing my checkbook and keeping my finances straight is tough for me. But most of my concerns early on, they don’t even figure any more.

So relax. Give yourself time. Jesus didn’t even start till he was 30.




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