8 Trends I see coming in 2014 for the american church.

ok so taking a risk here.
What trends do I see coming in the US church world this year.
1. All the focus of social justice moves to sex trafficking. Everyone on board. But the problem will continue to grow unless the buyers stop buying. The World Cup will focus attention on the issue globally. Christians and secular media will work together.
2. The super hero pastor will continue to make the news. It’s on the road and over the road with young pastors who are reshaping the mega-church world.
3. More churches will try to hire media professionals. Everyone was on board at first with social media, but best business practices have yet to filter down. A year of change.
4. Divisions emerge stronger than ever. Lines are drawn less along theological distinction and more around styles of ministry. Tribes will go to war.
5. Desperation will set in as church leadership continues to lose the cultural battles.
6. Towards the end of the year, I see rumblings of something new on the horizon. Professional church has led to apathetic believers. A new hybrid of passionate, slightly less professional ministry will begin to emerge.
7. Skinny jeans will be gone by Christmas. (Well, at least we all hope).
8. The Borge Phenomenon among smaller urban churches will continue. Large churches with systems and influence will assimilate smaller communities of faith struggling to make budget.

3 thoughts on “8 Trends I see coming in 2014 for the american church.”

  1. OK. cool, that’s what you see men are going to do, what do you see God doing? Holy Spirit doing?
    Like; this Gen. tired of “fake” and want real and so God will raise up power evangelism, Gift led evangelism.
    Supernatural still attracts youth, Harry Potter, Twilight, etc, so God is raising up people who step out in faith take risks, and see healing as regular part of ministry to win souls.
    5 fold ministry now in place and mostly mature so God CAN now release Gifts and healing?
    people realizing unless they take God encounter outside of four walls, they will loose it. Not meant to be hoarded, but shard with lost.

  2. Tom
    That’s another post.. I guess. You ask a few questions and then answer them.

    You say this generation is tired of fake. I don’t know a generation that has been in love with fake. That’s a judgement on older generations.

    What is God doing? What he’s always been doing. Touching lives, saving souls, ruling from his throne. I’ve had the privilege of serving most of my adult life in Africa. God is moving, even in America, sometimes with us, sometimes in spite of us. He is unstoppable. But I don’t think he is worried or stopped by presence or lack of “the 5 fold.” I dislike much of the conversation in the US that is around beating up Christians, they aren’t doing enough, etc.

    The truth is that we are energized in our faith when we our lives are changed.

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