A simple test to know if he loves you.


Today is Valentiines day. As my sister comically put it “Welcome to Full Price Chocolate day.”

Valentines has gained momentum worldwide. Even in Africa where we used to live, everyone knows Valentines day.

And ah, the expression of love. The cards, the candy (why does every holiday revolve around candy?) the diner dates. I’m doing a concert myself with my lovely bride of 16 years.

But is this the measure of love? Sure, fail to remember today and you’ve sent a pretty poor message to your wife. But ladies, how do you know if its true love?

An ancient writer gave us a simple litmus test. As you pull the petals off your pink, red, or white rose tonight, don’t wonder “He love me? He loves me not!”

Here is a simple test.

Is he patient? He loves you.

Is he kind? He loves you.

Is he jealous? He loves you not.

Is he self-centered and proud? He loves you not.

Does he have a temper? He loves you not.

Is his humor mean? He loves you not.

Does he trust you? He loves me

Does he protect you? He loves me.

Does he forget all the messed up things you’ve done? He loves you.

Does he include you in his hopes for the future? He loves you.

Does he persevere when things get tough? He loves you.

Now you do the math.

And oh yeah. Before you rip that flower to shreds, text your breakup in before the expensive diner tonight, and give him his walking papers, try the mirror test.  How would you fare if he took the test?

Grace covers a multitude of sins.

Happy Valentines Day.








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