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  • Depression, Robin Williams and why Matt Walsh is wrong

    “Just get over it.” “Just let it go.” “Just snap out of it.” The tragic death of comedian and actor Robin Williams has brought to light once again the terrible battle that those who face depression fight. But as a Christian, what should I do with depression? Popular blogger Matt Walsh as usual has all […]

  • 3 questions to ask after a potential donor says “no.”

    My dad’s life growing up was one I didn’t want. At least not the part where we lived in the US. As missionaries with the AG, our system requires us to come home every 4 years to replenish our support. Here’s how the system works. You get a list of churches in your district. You […]

  • What Jeff Gordon’s new Pepsi Max Commercial teaches about leadership

    Have you seen the new Pepsi Max commercial with professional driver Jeff Gordon? If you haven’t, you probably haven’t been online the last few days. A Journalist named Travis Okulski sounded off about how the first video Gordon made was fake. His friends gave him a wake up call.  Go ahead, watch it if you […]

  • 7 Mistakes you might be making using PowerPoint

    PowerPoint. Some see it as a necessary evil. Some see it as just evil. But most of us, at some point in our lives, are going to have to give a presentation. Even if you fear it more than death. Though I would encourage you to not use PowerPoint (visuals like stand alone pictures and […]

  • Why Customer services agents shouldn’t ask how they can help.

    A bad day had just gotten worse. My flight out of Springfield Mo had been delayed because of what I felt was staff incompetence. New FFA rules were blamed on the plane being delayed because ground crew needed more rest time. Instead of redeeming the time, the plane was only de-iced after we pulled back […]