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  • The Myth of Human Potential.

    The Myth of Human Potential.

    Showtime. Bad Boys. Come Fly with me. If those phrases connect at all with you, we are perhaps kindred spirits, children of the days when the NBA was made of real men. (Except to my knowledge, there are no fake men, and it’s still a male dominated league. But I digress too quick.) One of […]

  • What I wish Christians understood about depression

    What I wish Christians understood about depression

    “Maybe the World would just be better off without me.” As I sat and heard the sentiment, my heart broke. Of course, this wasn’t the first breaking. Nor would it be the last. My friend was expressing the deepest reality of a soul tortured and unable to break free. Immediately, I tried to call out […]

  • Why this Duck Dynasty Star should never get lucky with his wife.

    Why this Duck Dynasty Star should never get lucky with his wife.

    My daughter’s favorite show these days is Jep and Jessica, the spin off from Duck Dynasty. My little butterfly loves “the Rednecks” original show and so adding kids into the mix is exciting. The show is about as exciting as watching grass grow if you ask me. In an early episode, Jep does manage a […]

  • 3 ways to help your friends who have a disabled child.

    My son has DMD. He’s in a wheelchair. He’s 12. He can’t run, jump, or walk. He used to be able to. But DMD has taken that away. His favorite class in school this year is English. He loves his teacher. She’s a superstar. His second favorite class? P.E. That’s right. The one class where […]

  • 3 things that Great parents teach that good parents don’t.

    3 things that Great parents teach that good parents don’t.

    3 things that great parents teach that good parents don’t. Loving your kids is what average parents do. Caring for your kids needs is what average parents do. Appropriate physical affection is what average parents do. (Give your kids hugs. Its not rocket science, though it is simple, good science. ) Grounding your kids in their […]

  • The truth about Christians and Infertility

    “Just take another wife. You can love this one, but that one can give you kids.” Sounds like something right out of the Old Testament doesn’t it? But this conversation happened just a few short years ago. My wife and I were serving as missionaries and this muslim friend was trying to tell me how […]

  • Mommy Porn and the ugly side of romance novels

    Are you addicted to Mommy pornography? Today at church was one of the most real conversations I’ve ever heard. A pastor and his former protégée spoke on stage about the man’s moral failure, related to pornography and who knows what else. I’m glad they didn’t go into details. If you want to be blown away, […]

  • Faith and Constipation are not the same thing

    I haven’t had much faith lately. I know, I shouldn’t say that. I haven’t lost my faith. You can’t lose something you don’t have. “Don’t confess that. “ But you can’t fake faith. You can’t hype yourself up. Faith that is faith is real.

  • The bullet holes in your marriage.

    With the Ray Rice debacle no where near being done, I ran across this article on and thought I’d repost today. Original article appeared here. Written by David Porter, the Coffee Stains guy Several years ago an agent of the Drug Enforcement Administration was lecturing a group of kids about gun safety. As he […]

  • 3 Conversations to have to save your marriage while on your honeymoon

    Honeymoon conversations Its your honeymoon. Your perfect day just finished. The cake was great, the best man didn’t drop the ring, and you are now on the beach, after the perfect first night. Suddenly you realize. The wedding is over, now we have to be married? How do we do this? note: If you aren’t […]