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  • The Ice Bucket Challenge, Part 2: What it feels like to die.

    Since my first article, the Ice Bucket Challenge has continued unabated. Sure, there are the concerns voiced by the Catholics and the Baptists. Concerns that I echo. Two wrongs don’t make a right, and if someone is going to die for someone else, it should be their choice. But I want to return to THE […]

  • Depression, Robin Williams and why Matt Walsh is wrong

    “Just get over it.” “Just let it go.” “Just snap out of it.” The tragic death of comedian and actor Robin Williams has brought to light once again the terrible battle that those who face depression fight. But as a Christian, what should I do with depression? Popular blogger Matt Walsh as usual has all […]

  • A great post on teaching children to apologize

    During our 40 life lessons before 40, I wrote about why the way you apologize is wrong, or the anatomy of a good apology. In the current vein of parenting tips, I ran across an article by a teacher who taught her class a 4 step method for apologizing and restoring relationships. Here it is. […]

  • Confessions of a Closet Cheerleader

    Today, our guest post is from Tabby Finton. Tabby is a regular contributor to Bridging the Gap blog. She and her husband Steve Lead Abundant Life in Blaine, Mn. Be True to You  or “Confessions of a Closet Cheerleader”– Tabby Finton It took me long enough to figure it out, but I’m a cheerleader at heart. […]

  • Stop making excuses and start making memories or No Avoidable Regrets

    Stop making excuses and start making memories “Daddy, can we go sledding?” Everything in me did not want to do sledding that Wednesday afternoon. I had a head cold. We needed to get ready for church. We’d only been back in MN for 6 months and my blood had not changed from African thin to […]

  • Here comes the Boom! Why Leaders don’t pile it on.

    Leaders don’t “pile it on” When I was in kindergarden, we lived beside the elementary school playground in Pittsburgh, Texas. One of our friends from church, Benji* was on the team 7th grade football team. My brother and I used to like to watch practice. One day, realizing that he had a cheering squad, Benji* […]

  • Know thy neighbor

    This is a guest post by Linda Feriera. Linda blogs at I strongly suggest you read her post on Boys will be Boys. You can also find her on twitter. Know thy Neighbor . . Growing up, my mother, just like most mothers, encouraged us to do our best in school, make right choices and […]

  • 5 good reasons to leave a church

    Today, I ran across this article. I agree with most of the author’s thought but it got me thinking. What would be a good reason to leave a church? Here are some reasons I came up with. You are sent out.  This one may seem obvious, but there are times that God has a plan […]