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  • Friends, Money and Social Class

    How to be friends with people from different social classes. I spent a number of years in Africa. The richness of my time there is in the relationships I formed. But one tension was always money. Who had it, who didn’t, and how it was leveraged. In my context in the US, I am thoroughly […]

  • There is no weather, there is only walking the dog.

    I live in the Northland. I have a dog. Fortunately, she’s lazy. One walk a day and she pretty much sits by the fire and loves life. But for a time each day, she needs to get out an move. So we walk. The weather is irrelevant to the need. When I live life this […]

  • Life Lessons: 49 Life Lessons. Lifecartography, 9 years later.

    49 Life lessons learned by age 49. As I approached 40 years old, I decided to sit down and write. I wanted to write things I had learned, so that I wouldn’t forget them. Well, research says that you don’t forget as much as your library gets bigger. But that’s beside the point. So those […]

  • My panic attack and Simon Biles Olympic dreams.

    Simon Biles is an amazing woman. She is powerful, charismatic, but still only human after all. After she pulled out of the event in the Olympics, much digital ink has been spilled. I grieve for her. Last year, I had a car accident. A driver ran through a stop sign, came across to the far […]

  • Never Split the Difference- For professional coaches.

    Coaching questions drawn from Chris Voss  Never Split the difference How cool is a former FBI hostage negotiator? I don’t remember how to ran across this book, but it has become a re-read yearly (actually, I re-listen yearly). As a former FBI kidnapping negotiator, Chris Voss’s book “Never Split the Difference” is a great resource […]

  • Immoral AI, Ultron and the American presidential election.

    As I sat and watched my home country turn upon itself in the last few months, my heart and my head have been, like many of you, asking “how could this happen?” Many pundits have pointed digital fingers. Bad actors, fake news, real news called fake news, foreign influences, the list is long and varied.  […]

  • Why I turned off comments on my blog

    I hadn’t blogged in a few weeks, when I had an idea and opened my WordPress interface to post my new thoughts. Low and behold, a whole slew of new comments were waiting for approval. Excitement surged until I saw that most of them were from one person. They all started fairly amicably enough, the […]

  • How to know if you are adulting

    How to know if you are adulting

    I had never heard of “adulting” until recently. The phraseology is interesting, and I was to take it one more step. As an immature teenager, I drove my sister crazy, annoying her about who was more mature. Proving, in hindsight, that I was less mature than my younger sibling. Maybe. That’s still up for debate. […]

  • 18 things and counting churches can do to love and serve their community during Covid-10.

    My friend Tom is a recently approved Global worker. He sold his marketing firm to follow God. He and his wife will be helping all those using Business  around the world. I asked him to put together some thoughts from his marketing/background on what churches could do during this time. Some of these, most are […]

  • 5 ways to know you are a digital addict and how to escape..

    5 ways to know you are a digital addict and how to escape..

    How to know if you are addicted to social media, and how to break the cycle. I might be addicted. You also are most likely addicted. The question is not if, but “at what level” are we are addicted. No I don’t drink. Don’t smoke. Opioids, nope. My, and most likely your addiction, is to […]