Fallen: A post for whom celebrating Father’s Day isn’t easy

Father’s Day. All the sudden social media is gushing and effusive about Dads. Myself included.

Except for those whom this day is a reminder of what didn’t happen, what should have happened. I know some for whom its taken a lifetime to not associate the word father with horrible memories.

A few years ago, I shared a sermon series about how I feel the reason there is so much pain associated with Fathers is that there is an echo in every person’s soul about what a good father should be.

Here are those sermons, totally unedited, so you may have to wade through some stuff. One day I hope to turn them into a book. I also hope to find the original audio and post it soon. Pass this along. I think your friends will find hope.

Father part 1

Father 2 manipulator

Father part 3-abandoned

Father part 4 abused

5 gifts






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