Get over yourself and get counseling. Life Lesson #15

Go to counseling.

There, I said it. A couple days ago, I wrote about dealing with your baggage.  But it goes beyond that.

I have friends who are separated. Others who are divorced. Others headed that way.  I’ve got broke friends.

And then I have some who have survived adultery, drugs, and all sorts of junk. Friends who’ve made a lot of money.  The difference? Counseling.

Counseling is an act of rebellion against your pride.

Now, not all counselors are created equal. I personally have seen a number. The first guy we saw, well, he was nice but didn’t help. The second guy was someone I talked to. He cried with me real good. But I quit. He didn’t help.

The essence of true counseling is someone who can counsel. Not lay you down on a couch. Counsel. The word means to give advice. Who can tell you what to do. Who can read the situation, who’s walked before, that person is worth their weight in gold, and many times their hourly fee.

Todd told me when I was 22 to put $200 a month into an untouchable savings account. Right now, I’ve got $48,000 in saving. Actually, I don’t. Why? Because I disregarded good counsel.

So don’t be proud. Get some financial advise. Some relational advice. Some career advise. Some spiritual advice. Pay for it. And get it from someone who knows what they are talking about, not your goofball friends. Because they are as broke as you are.


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