No, Facebook, that is not my year.

If you are on Facebook, you’ve seen them pushing their “year in review.”

Mine had pictures that didn’t represent my year. Here is what I wrote.

“sorry Facebook, my year wasn’t in the pictures you curated for me. You see, when I wept, I didn’t take a selfie. In my dark moments, FB wasn’t there. And when Idesperately needed divine intervention, FB wasn’t there.

But some of you were. Some of you were the hands and feet of Jesus, some of you were water to my soul this year.

And sometimes, the reality was that only Jesus was there. Not my phone, nor my iPad, nor my DSLR. The longing of my soul is only satisfied in His presence and I’m unashamed to say that.”

I don’t often blog about my faith here (more on my personal blog,

But the best maps I have come from the scriptures that I know as the Bible. But the best moments of my life come when I know that God’s presence is real.

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