Save your marriage. Learn to code websites.

Want to know how learning to code a WordPress website can save your marriage?

The Marriage

Today, I’ve been trying to update this website. Part of it is getting ready for the launch of the first Lifecartography Book! We’re just waiting for the cover and off we go to the press. More info as we go.


I’m learning that I need to learn. And whereas early learning is fun, deep learning is tough. Stretching. Complicated. This is what I posted on our Lifecartography FB today.

Learning WordPress is similar to keeping your marriage fresh.

Let's take marriage first. [instagram-feed num=6 sortby=random ]

Boy meets girl. Boy "falls in love" with girl. Everything is new. Every word is fresh. Every statement unheard before. Girl meets Boy. Falls in Love. Every joke is funny. Every quirk is endearing. Then we get to a point where we know each other. We've got the jokes down, we've got the basic history, and even some shared history together. What have you learned lately? Because I can guarantee there is still a whole language of code within that person that you haven't learned yet. Mysteries to unlock deeper than trying to unlock computer code on this website.

But it's the effort that holds us back.

You see, I can function quite well on this website. I know how to write blogposts, and get a few pictures in the body of the text. Sometimes I even get around to sharing the stuff across social media. But today, I'm trying to add an instagram feed. And allow Facebook comments. And figure out how to make the front page something attractive. And I want to quit. I'd rather write a blog post (which I'm doing) than figuring out something new that might add more value to my readers in the future. Let me challenge you. Learn something about a loved one today. It will make your life more beautiful. And theirs too. BTW here's my wife's instagram and a custom FB feed for life cartography. Took me an hour, but I figured it out.

Thankful a husband who allowed me to have a day to myself and rest.#restisGod

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