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  • Why this Duck Dynasty Star should never get lucky with his wife.

    Why this Duck Dynasty Star should never get lucky with his wife.

    My daughter’s favorite show these days is Jep and Jessica, the spin off from Duck Dynasty. My little butterfly loves “the Rednecks” original show and so adding kids into the mix is exciting. The show is about as exciting as watching grass grow if you ask me. In an early episode, Jep does manage a […]

  • Mommy Porn and the ugly side of romance novels

    Are you addicted to Mommy pornography? Today at church was one of the most real conversations I’ve ever heard. A pastor and his former protégée spoke on stage about the man’s moral failure, related to pornography and who knows what else. I’m glad they didn’t go into details. If you want to be blown away, […]

  • The bullet holes in your marriage.

    With the Ray Rice debacle no where near being done, I ran across this article on Coffeestains.com and thought I’d repost today. Original article appeared here. Written by David Porter, the Coffee Stains guy Several years ago an agent of the Drug Enforcement Administration was lecturing a group of kids about gun safety. As he […]

  • 5 reasons why many Christian Men remain single.

    5 reasons why single Christian men aren’t getting married. (Edit: This post seems to offend a number of people, so let me say this. This post is not exhaustive. it is not authoritative. It is observational in nature only. There are hundreds of reasons, thousands maybe. Some great, some poor. But hey, at least its a […]