The Ice Bucket Challenge, Christians, ethics and how we are missing the point

The Ice Bucket Challenge. $53 million dollars and counting. And now all the concerns about stem cell research, and the ethics professor jumping in with a blog post.

But here’s the thing. For all the families who have fought ALS and have watched their loved ones die, and suffered in silence because they feel people are tired of hearing about their pain, this isn’t about the money.

For all the men and women who have ALS, this isn’t about the money.
Because honestly, who knows is if they even had all Bill Gates and Warren Buffet’s money, if a cure can be found? This isn’t about the money. 

Because honestly, its the fact that maybe for the first time, it seems like someone cares. Maybe a lot of people care. At least for today. At least for a moment.
That even though the disease isn’t a financially viable endeavor for the pharmaceutical companies, like viagra, or male pattern baldness, that there aren’t enough patients with ALS to make the drugs a “good investment” , for once they don’t feel alone. They feel like someone cares beyond a simple “I’m sorry man.” and then that awkward walk away.

So to all those who are raising concerns, I agree. I’m careful where I put my money. But to all those who know the daily battle of a debilitating disease, its not about the money. I care. and I’m praying for you.






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