The only person you can change is you… another pop psychology lie

The only person you can change is you..

If I’ve heard that once, I’ve heard it once. I may even have said something similar a time or two.

Then it dawned on me. That’s stupid and not true.

People change me every day.

They make me happy. They make me sad. Oh, I know my mood should never be affected by others. However, I suffer with this condition called “Being human.” Don’t think you can change someone else? Check out this video of a random guy at a bus stop laughing. He changed the people around them, just a little bit and maybe only for a moment, but he did change them.

The truth is that we are indeed responsible for ourselves.   We have en enormous amount of choice given to us by our creator.

We can not though use that freedom to ignore that our daily interactions matter. Again, I challenge you to walk to work wearing a clown nose. You will leave a trail of positive endorphins behind you with the simple trail of smiles you leave behind.

A speech by Sir Winston Churchhill galvanized a nation to stand against the Nazi air raid.

More recently. a video sparked outrage all over police tactics in New York City. (Sorry, not going to provide a link.)

You can and do change the people around you. The choice becomes, what change will you make?

Leave a comment about someone who made a positive difference in your life.

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