Three Vintage Skills Millenials can develop to stand out!

3 Skills Millennials can learn to distinguish themselves in the marketplace

“Call him.”

“I sent him a message.”

“That’s not good enough. Give him a call.” One of my clients, a young millennial man, just didn’t see the need to make the phone call. The text should be enough, shouldn’t it?

Today, when someone says “call me,” why do we assume that means something bad?

Millennials are, or will be shortly, the largest sector in the workforce. Those who want to distinguish themselves can work on these three “vintage” skills. Because for the next 20 years, most of your bosses will be X and Boomers. Because being a millennials, with all the accompanying awesomeness and potential challenges, will now be the norm. And those who succeed in entrepreneurship will be hiring Xers and Boomers as well.

3 Vintage skills to distinguish yourself in the marketplace.

  1. Phone calls.

Sure, everyone likes a text message. Easy, quick and painless. No getting stuck in the awkward, “hello, goodbye, how are things…” Except this may be the very key to standing out in a crowded field.

As a coach who works with young people, I am amazed how hard a follow up phone call is for them. And I’m gratified by the almost universal positive response when people actually call.

  1. Face to Face meetings

While phone calls are great, tone, nuance and persona are hard to guage at a distance. While millenials are extremely relational, or social, the face to face meeting has some protocols as well.

  1. FOCUS

In a world where social media rules, and our phones are now a digital extention of ourselves, the millennial who would distinguish themselves must know how to focus. Singular focus does not come from scrolling, swiping, liking and sharing. These are all wonderful, fun and informative.

Focus will be a key differentiator. As my clients know, shutting down all screens for a period of time leads to emotional consternation but then an amazing bump in productivity occurs as the mind is freed from constant distractions and latches on to the topic at hand.

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