What Jeff Gordon’s new Pepsi Max Commercial teaches about leadership

Have you seen the new Pepsi Max commercial with professional driver Jeff Gordon? If you haven’t, you probably haven’t been online the last few days. A Journalist named Travis Okulski sounded off about how the first video Gordon made was fake. His friends gave him a wake up call.  Go ahead, watch it if you haven’t.

Did you notice something? At the end of the new video, Gordon offers the big mouth journalist another ride. Okulski jumps on the opportunity.

Maybe he didn’t know that the echoes of his girly screaming would be resonating across the internet. Maybe he hadn’t seen how bad he looked on video, or how Jeff Gordon probably didn’t want brown stains on the front seat of his car.

In a brief nanosecond, the trust changed. Instead of fearing for his life, this journalist was now ready to jump back into the car with the guy that moments before he had been convinced was insane.

What changed?

Trust. Trust in competence.

The guy didn’t care that Jeff Gordon had just scared 5 years off his life. Knowing that you were in the hands of one of the best race car drivers of this generation rather than an ex-con made all the difference.

Want total strangers to trust you? Want trust from those closet to you? Develop competency. And prove it over and over.

BTW: Money well spent Pepsi Max.

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