Why there are no biblical Super Heroes.

I love super heroes. I start reading comics books in 1985 in 6th grade. My favorites were the PowerPack, kids who got their powers from a mysterious horse dude. The series didn’t last long, but it was all the introduction to the world of Marvel that I needed.

The Power Pack

I love super heroes. I’ve preached numerous series using superhero movies as fodder for my vivid imagination. Theology of the Dark Knight, Incredible Life Leadership, Transformers, Avengers. Done them all. Currently working on one from the original Thor.

I am not a super hero. And neither are you.

In Christendom, we elevate people to hero status. Its not something new, we’ve been doing it since Bible times. The whole book of judges is hero after hero. The problem is, they weren’t very super.

Men like us.

That’s what they were. Men like us.

You see, I can’t knock out the bad guys with one punch. I’d most likely break all the bones in my hand doing so. I can’t go into the lab and come out 8 minutes of video montage later with a cure for my son’s muscular dystrophy. If I could, I would.

But I can pray.

There are those who say, when you can’t do anything else, pray. I’m learning, (because I haven’t gotten this one right yet) that the first and best thing I can do is pray.

Elijah, a man like us, prayed, and God closed the heavens for three years.

I gotta admit, I pray without a lot of confidence. Because I’m not a “prayer warrior” or “intercessor.”

A man like me prayed, and it didn’t rain for 3 years.

Think I’ll give prayer a try again.

“Elijah was the same kind of person as we are. He prayed earnestly that there would be no rain, and no rain fell on the land for three and a half years.” GNT, James 5:17

So post a request in the comments and I’ll add my very normal human prayer to your very normal human prayers and we’ll ask a supernatural God to intervene.




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