Why this Duck Dynasty Star should never get lucky with his wife.

My daughter’s favorite show these days is Jep and Jessica, the spin off from Duck Dynasty. My little butterfly loves “the Rednecks” original show and so adding kids into the mix is exciting. The show is about as exciting as watching grass grow if you ask me.

Jep and Jessica

In an early episode, Jep does manage a funny comment. Something to the tune of “That decides whether I get lucky with Jessica or she puts on the sweat pants.” That’s actually a funny metaphor.

And also a sad metaphor. Sad because men “get lucky” in marriage.

Listen ladies, if sex in your marriage is about luck, then something’s wrong. Something’s broken.

Sex isn’t about winning or losing.

Sex isn’t “friend with benefits” with God and society’s approval.

Increasingly, our cultural has moved sex into the realm of leverage, of influence, or simply of mood. And this is just in marriage. Don’t get me started on the stupidity of sex outside of marriage.

I’ve never written about this before. And I’ll probably get so blasted I’ll got back to writing about organizational culture. But hear me out.

Love shouldn’t be about luck.

Said NO ONE EVER “Wow, she got lucky. Her husband brought her flowers, or held her as she cried.”

Said NO ONE EVER, “Wow, she got lucky last night. He complimented her, he supported her.”

And they shouldn’t.

Luck has no place in a strong marriage.

Ladies, sex is more important than you understand in a marriage. It’s not just for him, its for both of you. I realize that this aspect can be broken for so many reasons, (prior relationships, physical issues, etc…So get the help you need).

Believe me.

No man wants to get lucky in marriage. Men want intimacy and sex is just part of that.

Let’s change the conversation.



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