5 gifts that will revolutionize your marriage and your husband

What do I get for the guy who has everything?

Mother’s Day is a national holiday. Father’s day is a national disaster.

To succeed at being a mom, you need to show up and love.

To succeed as a dad, you’ve got to be much more.

Provider, protection, fountain of wisdom, strong but gentle, bold but wise. Humble yet authoritative. Supportive but not domineering.

Don’t get me wrong. Being a dad ranks above pretty much everything else. That 3 little people think I hung the moon is pretty cool. But somedays, I struggle. Am I being a good dad? Will my kids end up in counseling? From what I’ve seen, Dad’s can have enormously positive or incredibly destructive influence on their kids. So as such, here are 5 things you can give the father of your children.

  1. Give him the gift of adulthood.

    Don’t parent him. Challenge him as an adult, not as a child. Give him the same tone of voice you would someone that you deeply respect. I’m shocked at how many women I see who treat their husbands like “one of the kids.” Then, they are surprised when he acts the part.

  2. Let him mess up

    He knows it when he does. But pointing out his mistakes doesn’t help most men I know.

  3. Let him make decisions you don’t like.

    Does your husband feel like he “gets in trouble?” See gift #1

  4. Learn about his favorite hobby.

    “Let’s talk” can be the most intimidating words a man has ever heard. If conversation began with “tell me about…” and a question related to a non-emotional, non-landmine topic, you might find you have a talker on your hands.

What are gifts you can give that will improve your marriage?



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