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  • 46 lessons I learned this past year

    This blog started with 40 life lessons I learned before the age of 40. Those blogs became the basis for the book. Yearly, I spend some time reflecting on lessons learned. Some of these are obvious, others may require explanation. A few are derivatives from other leadership lessons.  And because we need graphics, i’ve thrown […]

  • 43 Life Lessons from Bible characters.

    43 Life Lessons from Bible characters.

    Birthday’s are times for reflection for me. I want to continue to learn. Here’s 43 things I learned from Bible characters. 1. Joseph: Forgive by don’t forget. Reconciliation should only come when change has happened. 2. Jesus: Presence is the greatest gift you can give. 3. Jacob: Running from your problems only delays the inevitable […]

  • 3 ways to help your friends who have a disabled child.

    My son has DMD. He’s in a wheelchair. He’s 12. He can’t run, jump, or walk. He used to be able to. But DMD has taken that away. His favorite class in school this year is English. He loves his teacher. She’s a superstar. His second favorite class? P.E. That’s right. The one class where […]

  • 26 Life Memories that made me who I am

    Here they are. In no particular order, of importance or impact.  26 Life memories. It’s a Wonderful life…so far. And I’m sure after a few days, I’ll change this list. Here goes. Fishing in the Davis’ pond, Pittsburg, East Texas. Don’t remember the date. Nothing like pond fishing. Love it to this dayTom Sawyer II […]

  • We are all Ray Rice, Andrian Peterson. 3 steps to take to not go there.

    We are all Ray Rice, Andrian Peterson. 3 steps to take to not go there.

    Unless you’ve been under a rock lately, the issue of domestic abuse and child abuse have been forced to the front of everyone’s collective awareness by two ongoing and separate cases involving athletes from America’s favorite sport to watch: Football. Ray Rice, formerly of the Baltimore Ravens, knocked out a woman with a blow to […]

  • What a pacifier sucking 3 year old taught me about detours: Life Lesson #39

    Detours lead to “Oohh” moments.   My daughter was a pacifier addict. Binkey, Nook, Dummy, the names are endless. But without one in her mouth, our nights were sleepless, trips were delayed, meetings were attended late all because this little tike could not function without the pacifier. The boys, not really. Neither cared much for […]

  • Crazy people aren’t the only ones who hear voices in their heads. Life Lesson #33

    Be very careful of the voices you allow in your head. Most of us keep a constant dialogue going in our heads. Sure, there are times when my wife asks me “what are you thinking?” and I don’t have a ready answer. I’m in my “nothing box.” But generally I’m having conversations with myself. Those […]

  • Some people should be fake. Life Lesson #32

    Always be real. Unless you’re always real negative. Then be fake till you change. Please. Jan* is in conflict with Bobby*. Jan isn’t the easiest person to get along with but when she is ever confronted, she just goes to her standard response. “That’s just the way I am. I can’t change who I am. […]

  • The difference between kissing up and a giving good compliment.

     Life Lesson #30 Learn to give good compliments. I know that people like different things. But a good compliment someone will remember for a while. Say, 50 years at least. Mark Twain said “I can live for two months on a good compliment.” The Anatomy of a bad compliment. Lie. “Go get’em Johnny, you’re the […]

  • Monkeys don’t have solutions: Life Lesson #29

    Monkeys don’t have any solutions.   My friend John Fernandez is one of the best businessmen I know. In addition to running daystar Desserts, maker of “the World’s Best Cheesecake,” John is a gourmet chef, father, devoted man of faith but perhaps most importantly, John shares what he has learned freely. This is my edited, […]