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  • Stop saying this when friends are in crisis…

    Stop saying this when friends are in crisis…

    Another random Facebook post. A friend asking for vague help, their circumstances not allowing them to share publicly whats really happening, but nevertheless, they fling a desperate cry out into the void. A diagnosis. A crushing blow. A job loss. Condolences and “prayers” come flooding in. Along this flood of well wishers, perhaps this phrase is […]

  • What I wish Christians understood about depression

    What I wish Christians understood about depression

    “Maybe the World would just be better off without me.” As I sat and heard the sentiment, my heart broke. Of course, this wasn’t the first breaking. Nor would it be the last. My friend was expressing the deepest reality of a soul tortured and unable to break free. Immediately, I tried to call out […]

  • 3 ways to help your friends who have a disabled child.

    My son has DMD. He’s in a wheelchair. He’s 12. He can’t run, jump, or walk. He used to be able to. But DMD has taken that away. His favorite class in school this year is English. He loves his teacher. She’s a superstar. His second favorite class? P.E. That’s right. The one class where […]

  • 3 things my son lost with his disability

    Recently, our son began needing a wheelchair. It’s a journey thousands face. In this process, we’ve received lots of love and support from friends and family. Yet at the end of the day, we often feel like people don’t know what to do with Joshua because of his disability. Here are three things we’ve noticed […]