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  • The Myth of Human Potential.

    The Myth of Human Potential.

    Showtime. Bad Boys. Come Fly with me. If those phrases connect at all with you, we are perhaps kindred spirits, children of the days when the NBA was made of real men. (Except to my knowledge, there are no fake men, and it’s still a male dominated league. But I digress too quick.) One of […]

  • 4 Low Cost Gifts Any Father Would Love

    Father’s Day. A day to celebrate dad’s. But unlike Mother’s Day, gifts are much more difficult. Favorite foods maybe, but flowers and a card don’t usually work. Dad toys tend to cost a whole lot of money. Go big or go home, right? Well, if a new jet-ski, boat, or truck isn’t in the budget, […]

  • How to know if you are adulting

    How to know if you are adulting

    I had never heard of “adulting” until recently. The phraseology is interesting, and I was to take it one more step. As an immature teenager, I drove my sister crazy, annoying her about who was more mature. Proving, in hindsight, that I was less mature than my younger sibling. Maybe. That’s still up for debate. […]

  • 46 lessons I learned this past year

    This blog started with 40 life lessons I learned before the age of 40. Those blogs became the basis for the book. Yearly, I spend some time reflecting on lessons learned. Some of these are obvious, others may require explanation. A few are derivatives from other leadership lessons.  And because we need graphics, i’ve thrown […]

  • Please stop empowering Africans. And pretty much every else as well.

    Lets have a conversation about power. Who has it and who doesn’t? Empowerment as a concept is so ingrained in the leadership literature that to dare question is to invite scorn and reprisal. But first a story. As the leader of a multinational church in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, I was privileged to work with […]

  • Unintended Consequences: There’s an app for that

    Unintended consequences: There’s no app for that. In the smartphone, uber connected world in which we live, every problem can seemingly be solved by an app. Don’t do accounting? No worries, there’s an app for that. Don’t do scheduling? No problem. There’s an app for that. Apps for staying in touch with family and friends […]

  • Leadership and the rubber band effect.

    On any desired leadership traits questionnaire, invariably those being lead want their leaders to be flexible. Adaptable. And while I agree 100% with this desire, there is a current reality faced by most leaders that is destroying flexibility. Demands on leaders across the board have increased. Do more with less. Stretch yourself. Live in the […]

  • Stop offering to help others..

      Because you know you can’t, and if they call, you gotta answer. NBC has this new medical drama called New Amsterdam. Based loosely on a true story, the hero is a doctor who wants to get the hospital back to caring about patients. Multiple times per show, Dr. Max will ask someone “how can […]

  • Stop trying to find a great mentor.  Do this instead to advance your career and life.

    What’s your question? I can tell within 2 seconds of asking that question whether our mentoring session will be of any use to me or the mentee. “Find a mentor. Find a mentor!” The mantra of those who give great advice on how to advance, improve, get anywhere in life. And it is great advice. […]

  • Stop saying this when friends are in crisis…

    Stop saying this when friends are in crisis…

    Another random Facebook post. A friend asking for vague help, their circumstances not allowing them to share publicly whats really happening, but nevertheless, they fling a desperate cry out into the void. A diagnosis. A crushing blow. A job loss. Condolences and “prayers” come flooding in. Along this flood of well wishers, perhaps this phrase is […]