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  • Three Vintage Skills Millenials can develop to stand out!

    Three Vintage Skills Millenials can develop to stand out!

    3 Skills Millennials can learn to distinguish themselves in the marketplace “Call him.” “I sent him a message.” “That’s not good enough. Give him a call.” One of my clients, a young millennial man, just didn’t see the need to make the phone call. The text should be enough, shouldn’t it? Today, when someone says […]

  • 43 Life Lessons from Bible characters.

    43 Life Lessons from Bible characters.

    Birthday’s are times for reflection for me. I want to continue to learn. Here’s 43 things I learned from Bible characters. 1. Joseph: Forgive by don’t forget. Reconciliation should only come when change has happened. 2. Jesus: Presence is the greatest gift you can give. 3. Jacob: Running from your problems only delays the inevitable […]

  • Why it doesn’t matter if Bryan Huston and T.D. Jakes do or don’t support gay marriage.

    Why it doesn’t matter if Bryan Huston and T.D. Jakes do or don’t support gay marriage.

    The blogsphere is alive and well friends. Full of decent journalism, no. But alive and well, yes. Christians have eagerly shared articles claiming to show Hillsongs’s supposed endorsement of homosexual lifestyle at their New York campus. Opps, turns out that it’s not quite the whole story. But those links are still up there, alive and […]

  • Don’t lean in a group photo. Just don’t.

    Ok, so I saw another picture that just drove me nuts, and I’ve gotta get this off my chest. Don’t lean into that group picture. Don’t lean your head. Don’t bend your body in a strange shape. Just don’t. You look weird. Turn your body. Turn your head. get closer. The photographer can back up. […]

  • The Ice Bucket Challenge, Part 2: What it feels like to die.

    Since my first article, the Ice Bucket Challenge has continued unabated. Sure, there are the concerns voiced by the Catholics and the Baptists. Concerns that I echo. Two wrongs don’t make a right, and if someone is going to die for someone else, it should be their choice. But I want to return to THE […]

  • 3 questions to ask after a potential donor says “no.”

    My dad’s life growing up was one I didn’t want. At least not the part where we lived in the US. As missionaries with the AG, our system requires us to come home every 4 years to replenish our support. Here’s how the system works. You get a list of churches in your district. You […]

  • What’s really wrong with modern worship.

    Recently, a number of articles have gone around, speaking of the decline of “worship” and the loss of so much congregational singing. link link I think I’ve got a reputation. Not sure, but I’d bet that lots of people think that I’m anti-worship. They are right. If by anti-worship, you mean singing, that is. Singing, […]

  • Understanding Push Content Versus the Social Stream

    Do you still need a web page? In the age of Facebook and other social media outlets, what’s the point of having a webpage? Or an email newsletter? Why bother since everyone can just find you on social media? Don’t they already follow you? Yes and No. Understanding Push Content Versus Stream Content In the […]

  • For Designers

    I ran across this info graphic today and thought I’d pass along. Interesting ideas. What do you think?

  • What Jeff Gordon’s new Pepsi Max Commercial teaches about leadership

    Have you seen the new Pepsi Max commercial with professional driver Jeff Gordon? If you haven’t, you probably haven’t been online the last few days. A Journalist named Travis Okulski sounded off about how the first video Gordon made was fake. His friends gave him a wake up call.  Go ahead, watch it if you […]