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  • How to know if you are adulting

    How to know if you are adulting

    I had never heard of “adulting” until recently. The phraseology is interesting, and I was to take it one more step. As an immature teenager, I drove my sister crazy, annoying her about who was more mature. Proving, in hindsight, that I was less mature than my younger sibling. Maybe. That’s still up for debate. […]

  • 18 things and counting churches can do to love and serve their community during Covid-10.

    My friend Tom is a recently approved Global worker. He sold his marketing firm to follow God. He and his wife will be helping all those using Business  around the world. I asked him to put together some thoughts from his marketing/background on what churches could do during this time. Some of these, most are […]

  • 5 ways to know you are a digital addict and how to escape..

    5 ways to know you are a digital addict and how to escape..

    How to know if you are addicted to social media, and how to break the cycle. I might be addicted. You also are most likely addicted. The question is not if, but “at what level” are we are addicted. No I don’t drink. Don’t smoke. Opioids, nope. My, and most likely your addiction, is to […]

  • My (new old) book Turbans and Took Tooks now on KINDLE

    My (new old) book Turbans and Took Tooks now on KINDLE

    From 2001 to 2003 I lived as a student, english teacher and basketball coach in the Sudan. It was an amazing culture with beautiful people. I’ve self published the hard copy a few times, but after some work, I think we’ve got it ready on Kindle!    

  • Adventures in Home Ownership: Part 1 Weeds

    Adventures in Home Ownership: Part 1 Weeds

    I recently bought my first house. Not on purpose, mind you. How is that even possible? Well, when looking for housing in the Twin Cities area, I discovered that renting was much more expensive than a mortgage payment. With some creative help from a mortgage guy, and after 3 weeks of unsuccessfully trying to find […]

  • Time to celebrate the failing of another Mega-church pastor.

    Doggone it, I want to cry. Another one bites the dust. Pastor Perry Noble had to step down from New Spring church. The pundits are out in full force. “I told you so.” “Mega-church pastors are evil.” Similar sentiments echo every single time one of the good guys goes down. And to me, they are […]

  • 3 last minute gifts guaranteed to please

    3 last minute gifts guaranteed to please

    It’s the day before Christmas and the stores are packed. What can you give that person you know well? You are wondering the aisles, thinking how meaningless the whole thing is. What do you get to truly express your heart? Or the relative showing up at the party that you know nothing about? Here are […]

  • Fallen: A post for whom celebrating Father’s Day isn’t easy

    Father’s Day. All the sudden social media is gushing and effusive about Dads. Myself included. Except for those whom this day is a reminder of what didn’t happen, what should have happened. I know some for whom its taken a lifetime to not associate the word father with horrible memories. A few years ago, I […]

  • No, Facebook, that is not my year.

    If you are on Facebook, you’ve seen them pushing their “year in review.” Mine had pictures that didn’t represent my year. Here is what I wrote. “sorry Facebook, my year wasn’t in the pictures you curated for me. You see, when I wept, I didn’t take a selfie. In my dark moments, FB wasn’t there. […]

  • The Ice Bucket Challenge, Christians, ethics and how we are missing the point

    The Ice Bucket Challenge. $53 million dollars and counting. And now all the concerns about stem cell research, and the ethics professor jumping in with a blog post. But here’s the thing. For all the families who have fought ALS and have watched their loved ones die, and suffered in silence because they feel people […]