Honest reflections on unhealthy relationships

We all have them. Unhealthy patterns in otherwise healthy relationships.

I believe in counseling. So I practice what i preach and talk to my therapist often. And sometimes I get real gold. Typical me, I want to share it. So here’s today’s therapy gold.

If you push me away, that’s where I’m at.

Sometimes people will push you away. They then want you to close the gap, as a means of proving your care or concern. That’s not healthy. If you push me away, that increases the distance between us that eventually you will feel. You will use words like

“You are so distant. You are disconnected. You aren’t the same.” But ask yourself. Did that person move away, or did you push them away? And if so, who needs to cover that gap? Like any rubber band, the elasticity in a relationship will eventually wear out unless both sides come together. If the push is one-sided, the bounce back will eventually wear out.