MCORE explanation

MCORE is an assessment tool designed to help discover what is at the motivational core of each of us, the unique God created design that drives each of us. People who are motivated intrinsically will get up at 3 AM, stay after hours, give their best work and love their lives while doing it. That’s the power of motivation.

MCORE is different because it is based in storytelling. Not long, detailed stories, but simple stories of success. MCORE defines success as a deep feeling of satisfaction coupled with positive feedback of a job well done. This video explains it better.

MCORE is a scientifically validated tool derived from SIMA, an executive training program in use for over 50 years. The assessment provides key insights into self-leadership, motivating team members and even provides meaningful understanding between spouses and between parents and teens (A mature 14 year old should be able to process the test questions well.)

MCORE is an online assessment that you will take and receive your scientifically validated results within moments. Once you have completed the assessment, processing will happen through individual coaching sessions or through guided group discussions.


  1. Compile a list of persons taking the assessment. Since it an online assessment, we need individual emails. Each person will receive a personalized code for their assessment. Send that list to
  2. Send in your payment. We accept paypal to (please send confirmation) or check. Cost: $50 for each assessment. Coaching session, $100. Talk to me directly. Individual sessions last 1 hour, the group training: talk to me.
  3. Prepare your stories.  Watch the video linked here that explains what a success story is.  href=””>What is a success story
  4. Take the assessment (plan on 35 minutes). (Note, use the category “most satisfying” when its most meaningful)
  5. Plan  your follow-up, either with a one on one facilitator or a group process. The North Twin Cities section will be engaging this as a group as well. NOTE: if I’m doing a session with a MINOR child, one parent needs to be present during the entire session.
  6. FOLLOW UP SESSION. Two weeks after the initial group session, a short follow-up helps cement the learning.

Questions: email or contact me 651 272 0026

or send me an email

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