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Why this Duck Dynasty Star should never get lucky with his wife.

My daughter’s favorite show these days is Jep and Jessica, the spin off from Duck Dynasty. My little butterfly loves “the Rednecks” original show and so adding kids into the mix is exciting. The show is about as exciting as watching grass grow if you ask me.

Jep and Jessica

In an early episode, Jep does manage a funny comment. Something to the tune of “That decides whether I get lucky with Jessica or she puts on the sweat pants.” That’s actually a funny metaphor.

And also a sad metaphor. Sad because men “get lucky” in marriage.

Listen ladies, if sex in your marriage is about luck, then something’s wrong. Something’s broken.

Sex isn’t about winning or losing.

Sex isn’t “friend with benefits” with God and society’s approval.

Increasingly, our cultural has moved sex into the realm of leverage, of influence, or simply of mood. And this is just in marriage. Don’t get me started on the stupidity of sex outside of marriage.

I’ve never written about this before. And I’ll probably get so blasted I’ll got back to writing about organizational culture. But hear me out.

Love shouldn’t be about luck.

Said NO ONE EVER “Wow, she got lucky. Her husband brought her flowers, or held her as she cried.”

Said NO ONE EVER, “Wow, she got lucky last night. He complimented her, he supported her.”

And they shouldn’t.

Luck has no place in a strong marriage.

Ladies, sex is more important than you understand in a marriage. It’s not just for him, its for both of you. I realize that this aspect can be broken for so many reasons, (prior relationships, physical issues, etc…So get the help you need).

Believe me.

No man wants to get lucky in marriage. Men want intimacy and sex is just part of that.

Let’s change the conversation.

Mommy Porn and the ugly side of romance novels

Are you addicted to Mommy pornography?

Today at church was one of the most real conversations I’ve ever heard. A pastor and his former protégée spoke on stage about the man’s moral failure, related to pornography and who knows what else. I’m glad they didn’t go into details. If you want to be blown away, take the time to watch this sermon. #JRCLife


But if you are one of the few people leftover in a Siberian gulag and you just got out, you might not be aware of the amazingly devastating effects that pornography is having on our world today. Pornography is one of the fuels of the global sex trade industry. It costs economies billions of dollars a year (just do the research on the bandwidth it takes up in Africa, where bandwidth is at a premium.) Porn, by even non-religious standards, is an evil, demeaning, dehumanizing putrid evil. Its also incredibly addictive.

I’m sure you’d agree.

However, I’ve noticed that the same people who will “tut-tut-tut” those poor souls addicted to visual imagery do not have the same moral compass when it comes to their reading habits.

The whole category of “mommy porn” applies to literature mostly targeted a moms, who fuel the romance novel industry. You know, the flowing hair guys with big pecks and the poor distressed lonely woman recovering from a dude who broke her heart. Half way through the story, he comes back in, love triangle. Repeat ad nausea.

I confess. I loved Jane Eyre. I read the book with Mr. Darcy and it was a good story.

But recently I picked up a novel where the author went into the mind of a sexual pervert. A rapist. My favorite author. My favorite genre, a spy novel. And I put it down.

If I wouldn’t watch the movie, why would I read the story?

I don’t want that in my mind. And just because the images come from words on the page doesn’t make them equally powerful. Equally addictive. And equally wrong.

When a man’s pornography habits are exposed, society places huge shame upon his shoulders. And rightfully so.

But If I were to read those steamy passages from those romance books, out loud, to your kids, would you feel good about it?

Where do you ideas of adult interactions come from? Your lustful books? Your sexually charged romance scenarios? Your flower-powered , verbal love fests that lead to a romp in the sheets?

Maybe I’m wrong. But when something comes onto TV that wrong, I was trained by my dad to look away. But we never really talked about books.

Maybe it’s a conversation we should have…..

with Jesus.