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  • God has Chronic Pain

    God has Chronic Pain

    We have a world that is broken. And we have a Savior who heals. I firmly believe it. But in the days of Elisha, there were many lepers in Israel, but only one that we know was healed. Our culture has an aversion to pain. From Ibuprofen to Oxycodone to morphine, our language has been […]

  • How to connect with absolutely everyone. Life Lesson #12

    Not everyone succeeds. But everyone hurts. I’ve done public speaking for years. Communicated, written, told stories. Judging by the general response, I’m not boring. My wife, on the other hand, dislikes the public stage passionately.  Crowds of more than 20 people are uncomfortable to her. But in 2005, almost a decade before I write this, […]