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  • At least learn from it.  Life Lesson #21

    At least learn from it. Life Lesson #21

    What are the learning opportunities here? Jim Ferriera is a long time friend and mentor. As the dean in college, he constantly repeated the line “what are the learning opportunities here?” Life can be “the school of Hard Knocks.” Life can also be the “School of Lucky Breaks.” Here is a reality. You are living. […]

  • Have someone edit you. Life Lesson #20

    Everyone needs an editor. I may have mentioned before that I like to tell stories. I make them up easily. In 8th grade, I figured out how to help a good friend, “D” edit his report card story for his irrate Dad. D hadn’t been studying or doing his homework. D was also the best […]

  • Your emotions are a lie (sometimes). 40 Life Lessons I learned before I turned 40: #18

    Emotions are real, but not necessarily true. Doug Lowenberg has both a  DMin and is currently finished a PhD and teaching at a school in East Africa. He also taught many of the classes Tahnya and I took in our degree program in college. But his greatest statement to Tahnya and I was made in […]