The most important thing

I wrote a post recently that’s gotten more traction than any post I’ve written before.

Its a little bit a semantical discussion of the difference between a “follower” of Jesus and a Disciple.

But I wanted to make sure that I was clear on what I think that means.

I believe in the God of the Bible. I believe that Jesus Christ was born of a virgin, lived a perfect sinless life and died innocent on a Cross. I believe that his death was an acceptable sacrifice to God for the sins of mankind. I believe that Jesus is the way to God, and to a relationship with God.

I believe that every person on this planet should know Jesus. That he is real, alive, and active in the World today through his Holy Spirit.

I believe that the teachings of Jesus and then his disciples after he left, are the foundation not just for a good life but for a godly life, a life that is pleasing to God. I believe in the reality of sin, a spirit world, and an afterlife. A disciple, a true disciple, is one who dedicates their whole life to following the teachings and life principles of their master as best as possible. and I do that.

However, I believe that the relationship I enjoy with God isn’t though any behavior of mine that was earned. It is rather through this incredible concept called Grace, where God give us something we don’t deserve.

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