There is no weather, there is only walking the dog.

I live in the Northland. I have a dog. Fortunately, she’s lazy. One walk a day and she pretty much sits by the fire and loves life. But for a time each day, she needs to get out an move. So we walk. The weather is irrelevant to the need.

When I live life this way, I am amazed by the decisions I don’t have to make. It is the decisions we don’t have to make that free our minds to make the decisions we do have to make. It is the constant “what’s for diner?” that sucks the life out of us. But my decision to walk the dog daily (well, as long as the temperature is over 0F, I’m not crazy) sets me up for success.

Who doesn’t want lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, higher muscle mass? But what are other decisions that you need to make that are your “walking the dog?”

  1. There is no good deal, there is only “can I afford it?”
  2. There is no month where I don’t save.
  3. There is no “what do we eat?- there is only salad before every meal.”
  4. There is no… (you fill in your decision).

Then, when it’s inconvenient, or painful, or cold, or hot or wet, the decision is already made. I don’t need to decide if I’m walking the dog, much like I have never had to make the decision to feed my kids. I made the decision to get a dog, so once that decision was made, certain choices are no longer an option. For example, taking a day off walking the dog. Because..

There is no weather, there is only walking the dog.